Eleanor McMurtry

Software Engineer and Educator

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IT Officer

As an IT officer, I worked with scientists to develop software solutions for scientific research and outreach.

University of Melbourne

Head Tutor – Object-Oriented Software Development

My responsibilities as head tutor included designing and writing assessment material, teaching three classes per week, and liaising between teaching staff and the subject coordinator. The subject was students' first exposure to object oriented programming, using Java as an illustrative example.


Vacation Scholar

As a vacation scholar, I was assigned a project for the summer involving researching effective methods of interaction and data visualisation in virtual reality. I used VRTK to develop programs in Unity based on examples in the literature and in commercial applications, and tested their effectiveness.


University of Melbourne

March 2015 - October 2018

Bachelor of Science (Mathematical Physics)

Studies included theoretical physics and lab work, focusing on deconstructing complex systems and developing problem solving strategies. The degree was combined with studies in pure and applied mathematics, including complex analysis, group theory, linear algebra, and topology. Particular strengths were atomic optics and quantum physics.

University of Melbourne

July 2015 - October 2018

Diploma in Informatics

Taken concurrently with the bachelor's degree, the diploma involved studies in practical and theoretical computing, such as


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