Eleanor McMurtry

Software Engineer. Award-winning Educator.

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About Me

Passionate about software engineering for a brighter future and top quality education. Cryptography, distributed systems, and programming language theory are particular interests.

I believe we can use software to make everybody's lives better.



University of Melbourne

Research Assistant

As a research assistant, I am a software engineer working on an enterprise-scale distributed software system that collects and processes large amounts of social media data. The system includes a GUI client and distributed servers, and I work on both ends of the system.

University of Melbourne

Head Tutor – Object-Oriented Software Development

My responsibilities as head tutor include designing and writing assessment material, teaching several classes per week, and liaising between teaching staff and the subject coordinator. The subject is students' first exposure to object oriented programming, using Java as an illustrative example.

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Summer Student

Worked as a full-stack developer to create a database web application using a Python and MySQL web stack for scientists researching prostate cancer. Communicated with end users to investigate requirements, creating interactive searching and visualization tools.


Casual IT Officer

Responsibilities included meeting with scientists to design, implement, and improve software solutions for scientific research and outreach, working primarily with mixed reality and data visualization using Python and Unity.


University of Melbourne

March 2015 - October 2018

Bachelor of Science (Mathematical Physics)

Studies included theoretical physics and lab work, focusing on deconstructing complex systems and developing problem solving strategies. The degree was combined with studies in pure and applied mathematics, including complex analysis, linear algebra, abstract algebra, and topology. Particular strengths were atomic optics and quantum physics.

University of Melbourne

July 2015 - October 2018

Diploma in Informatics

Taken concurrently with the bachelor's degree, the diploma involved studies in practical and theoretical computing, such as